The Last Out (2009)

Here is the Full Cover for The Last Out - April 1 release.

Here is the Full Cover for The Last Out - April 1 release.

Royal Cutter had finally cracked The Show. After a dozen years of riding buses in the minor leagues, Royal found himself as the starting right fielder of the Milwaukee Brewers, in the very state where he had been a high school baseball legend years before.

Yet just two hours before the first pitch to open the baseball season, Royal is called into the manager’s office. Traded…to Kansas City. The same city where Royal’s father had starred in the 1970’s and 1980’s before his addiction to drugs tore apart his life. With his father serving a life sentence for a murder while on a drug-crazed binge, now Royal returns to the city where his family’s baseball legacy started and tries to dodge the same temptations.

The Last Out takes the reader on a thrilling yet realistic journey through an entire baseball season, hitting more than twenty different cities as Royal tries to prove he can stick in The Show on the field while battling the party lifestyle after hours. Chris Earl’s years as a sports journalist serve as the palette for another fictional work that captures the pressure and atmosphere of today’s big-time sporting environment.

The Last Out is inspired by the author’s own memories of growing up in Kansas City — when it was still a baseball town and those games were THE social events on summer nights — but also taken from actual events, such as the drug problems that plagued Major League Baseball in the early 1980’s.

The Last Out is Chris Earl’s third novel. 392 pages. $14.95.


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